Start Strong

is an interactive education program about career development, entrepreneurship and relationship building for youth and educators. The program is delivered by entrepreneurs, diplomats, human resource specialists, and many other professionals.

Benefits of the program


The workshops are led by working professionals who are experts in their fields and who run successful career or entrepreneurship.


Program has helped more than twenty thousand youth in various countries to start a successful career and entrepreneurship.


Our workshops and education programs have received international awards and Start Strong has been integrated in school curricula in several countries.


Workshops consist of various career and business related games, life modeling techniques, social technologies and other exercises.

Easy to order

Get a workshop catalog in your email, choose the workshop that best suits your needs, give us a call and trainer will come to your place.

Easy to organize

All you need to prepare for the workshop is spacious room, flipchart with large paper and open-minded audience.


Elina Lapsa
workshop coordinator
Kristina Urboniene
Matthew Thompson

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Career School

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What do I love to do?

Who needs that I am doing it?

How world becomes a better place?

Veiksmīga karjera: Kā ātri kļūt bagātam.
Veiksmīga karjera: Kā izveidot karjeru, ja nekas nepatīk.
Veiksmīga karjera: Vai skolā iegūtais noder dzīvē.
Veiksmīga karjera: Labākais veids kā mācīties.
Tava apkārtne esi tu pats
Ieradums, kas dara brīnumus
Pirmais solis uz veiksmīgu karjeru
Veiksmīga karjera: Attiecību veidošana.
Formula "Kā atrast savu Sirdslietu" (I daļa)
Veiksmīga karjera: Sēdēt vai nesēdēt telefonā.
Kā atrast labu darbu.
Kā nospraust karjeras mērķus.


"This was the best time in my life!" says students Guna Puce from Latvia after coming back from the annual Start Strong 3+3 Youth Entrepreneurship Camp in USA. Youth entrepreneurs and educators from Latvia and Lithuania participated at the annual Start Strong 3+3 Youth Entrepreneurship Camp in Seattle, USA and brought back a lot of insights and ideas to implement in their countries. During this camp all participants went through an extensive business training at the University of Washington.

What is a career? How to choose a path that leads towards fulfillment of your dreams and passions? What to do when you don’t know where to go with your career? What to do when you want a change in your life? How to start a new career?  How to find a job? How to find your true call and how to develop successful career around it? And most importantly, how to build successful career playfully and without stress.

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