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What is a career? How to choose a path that leads towards fulfillment of your dreams and passions? What to do when you don’t know where to go with your career? What to do when you want a change in your life? How to start a new career?  How to find a job? How to find your true call and how to develop successful career around it? And most importantly, how to build successful career playfully and without stress.

Training „Heartbeat of Career” brings together two different approaches, two career development training schools (Start Strong and Constellation) that both have successfully helped thousands of students and educators in EU and other countries to start career or entrepreneurship. The main 3 topics of this training are career development, entrepreneurship and relationship building. Join us if you want to explore your own career and become a confident and skillful captain of your life’s ship.

There are two phases of the Training:

Phase 1 - International Training (October 21-28, in Latvia) that is designed for educators and provides them with variety of non-formal education tools for career development

Phase 2 - Local activities (in participant home country) participants will deliver 90 min workshops at local communities.

Purpose of the Training: 1) To build capacity of youth workers and educators working with youth and at-risk youth by equipping them with interactive and non-formal educational tools in field of career education; 2) To build capacity and develop partnership with the various EU and non-EU organizations and work in the field of the Erasmus+ program.

Methodology: Training is a synergy of two career education programs – Start Strong and Constellation. Start Strong is educational career toolkit for youth and educators, which has helped more than 20 000 youth from Baltic countries to develop their career and entrepreneurship skills. Since 2014 this program provides youth and educators with hands-on workshops and on career development, entrepreneurship and relationship building. Program’s web page:

Constellation is a two-year research supported by EU Erasmus+ fund that investigates the tools to succeed in personal and professional life. It involves coaching and system approach as basics to rediscover inner resources and re investigate relationship with self, family and society. Read more here:

Trainers: Lauma Ziemelniece has been a non-formal education trainer for the  last ten years. She has worked in the fields of public relationship, export consulting, and teaching.  Her passion is to support people finding their own unique professional and personal path. With her trainings Lauma is bringing together people from all over the world. More than 600 participants have joined 20 different international training courses held in Europe and other countries. She has worked in field of non-profit dealing with questions like volunteering, global education, social entrepreneurship, community development, environment. She has discovered career education through working with disadvantage youth by being part of career education research „Constellation”. Currently  she deepens her studies in systemic approach at the Hellinger Sciencia in Germany.

Andris Arhomkins  is a trainer, entrepreneur and educator with extensive experience in international relations, public diplomacy and education. For more than ten years he has worked for diplomatic services in Europe and USA. As a relationship building specialist he has served in peacekeeping missions in Middle East and other places. After his career in diplomacy Andris became passionate about teaching and designing trainings for youth and adults. Using his wide international experience in diplomacy Andris designs hands-on workshops on relationship building, career development and entrepreneurship. His educational programs and workshops have received many innovation awards and other international recognition. He is an author and founder of career development program for youth and educators “Start Strong”. This program since 2014 has helped more than 20 000 youth to start career and entrepreneurship in Baltic countries. Currently he works as a guest lecturer for universities and as a trainer for companies, NGO sector, youth and educators.

Participant criteria: Youth workers, youth leaders, educators, mentors, career advisers:

Age 21+, English fluency, directly works with youth (age 13-25), at least three years of working experience in the field of education, interested in and motivated to integrate non-formal education tools in curriculum, deal with marginalized youth (NEET’s, at-risk youth), newcomers to Erasmus+ projects and would like to create own projects, work in socially and geographically deprived areas, are involved into activities of the partner organization and have a will to build up the capacity of the organization in the future, are committed to organize local activities after the Training course.

Recognition of the learning: After the Training participants will receive YouthPass Certificate issued by the European Commission. It officially confirms your participation in the Training.

How to apply: Get in touch with your partner organization (see below) and fill in application form. Application deadline is September 6, 2019.

Partner organizations: Young Ukrainian Leaders (Ukraine), Viljandimaa Arenduskeskus (Estonia), Experimental Training Center Association (Turkey), State Educational Establishment "Grodno Secondary School Nr 7" (Belarus), rUnNGO (Poland), Asociacija "Karjeros kodas" (Lithuania), The Baltic Center for Career Education (Latvia).

Costs: The training is co-funded through Erasmus+ program and other sponsors – accommodation, food, materials, the program, travel and visa costs up to the maximum allowed amount are fully covered for participants.

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